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Party Pete's Birthday Bash is the fourth annual birthday event held in Old School RuneScape, celebrating the release of the game on the 22nd of February 2013. The event centers around Faladian citizen Party Pete, who is experiencing difficulties preparing one of his signature celebrations.



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Inviting a banker to the celebrations.

Speak to Party Pete inside the Falador Party Room, and learn that he needs the player to invite some people to the party. He will give you an invitation list. Each NPC will need help with answering a question before they attend the party.

Name Location Question Answer
Banker Any bank I work a tough job, but I am paid well, I receive 1520 coins per hour, and work 24 hours per day. How many coins do I get per day? 36,480
Bartender Blue Moon Inn, Varrock One customer drinks 2.5 beers per hour. 1 beer makes him more drunk by 4pts, but over each hour, he naturally recovers by 1pt. How drunk would he be after 7 hours? 63
Bob Bob's Brilliant Axes, Lumbridge My axes are the sharpest around! They'll need sharpnin' eventually though. I charge 3% of the axe's original value, how much would I charge for repairing an axe that cost 300 coins? 9
Duke Horacio 1st floor[?] in Lumbridge Castle Some reason I feel compelled to ask a ratio question! We keep stocks of 15 cannonballs per 2 cannons, and we have 14 cannons. How many cannonballs should we have in stock? 105
Hans Roaming around Lumbridge Castle Ah, our 4th birthday? Ever since I got here, I've just been walking around in circles, in fact I do 1 lap per minute. How many laps could I have completed in those 4 years? 2,103,840
Horvik Horvik's Armour Shop, Varrock How many different kinds of chainmail do I normally keep in stock? 4
King Roald Varrock Palace There are a lot of these yellow rugs around here... but they need cleaning. Can you please tell me how many are found around the castle? 13
Leela East of Draynor Village I must admit it has gotten boring watching this jail, I've started counting the trees... How many can you spot within the jail's fenced off area? 26
Make-over mage North of the Crafting Guild How many major accidents have I had this month when attempting to use my make-over powers? 36
Ned Draynor Village It takes many balls of wool to make rope it does. It definitely doesn't need anything else! How many balls of wool does it take? 4
Sir Vyvin 2nd floor[?] of the White Knights' Castle Tactics... knights... orders... I'm getting tired of it all. Help me! We have 108 white knights, and 50% of them will need a 2nd suit of armour. How many suits of armour do we need in total? 162
Thessalia Thessalia's Fine Clothes, Varrock Can you tell me how many different colours of clothing I offer through my make-over service? 29
Wise Old Man Draynor Village I really need to sort out my taxes... I have quite the assets! I pay 24% on my income of 2,000,000 coins. How much do I owe? 480,000

The party

Party Pete expresses his discontent with the state of the celebrations.

Return to the Party Room, and discover several more people attending the party that you did not invite (Gnome child, Lutist, Tim, Crunchy, Gabe, Aggie, Evil Dave, Cow31337Killer, Squire, Kaylee, and Sergeant Damien). Speak to Party Pete, who will see that the partygoers are not enjoying themselves, and wants you to liven up the party.

For this part, players will need 200 coins and three beers. Two free beers can be obtained from Lucy or Megan upstairs.

Ground Floor:

Old School RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor, etc.
Name Chat option Solution
Sir Vyvin Perhaps I could find you some company. Speak to the Squire upstairs
Leela Would you like a beer? Give her a beer
Banker Could you pretend to enjoy the party? Give him 100 coins
Make-over mage Could you pretend to enjoy the party? Give him 100 coins
Wise Old Man Perhaps I could find you some company. Speak to Aggie

First floor:

Name Chat option Solution
Thessalia Would you like a beer? Give her a beer
Duke Horacio Would you like a beer? Give him a beer
King Roald Perhaps I could find you some company. Speak to Kaylee

Finishing up

Speak to Party Pete, then a cutscene will ensue, where a mugger intrudes the party, planning to kill everyone. Party Pete then challenges him to a dance off. Because of the official mugger code, he cannot refuse it.

After the cutscene, speak to Party Pete once more to receive a 4th birthday hat and birthday balloons. If players did not obtain the birthday event items from previous years (a war ship, cow outfit, and gnome child hat), they will receive it along with this year's rewards.

In addition, the player will unlock the smooth dance and crazy dance emote.


  • The beginning of the dance off is a reference to the band Tenacious D's movie Beelzeboss where party pete and Jack Black, the lead singer both say 'Wait!' in a dramatic tone. Later, villain or demon in that case gets challenged to a rock off, and similarly to the mugger, the demon cannot refuse the challenge according to the code they cannot refuse a dance off/rock off challenge.
  • The lutist attending the party is a reference to the character Kvothe in the novel The Name of the Wind, the first of three novels in The Kingkiller Chronicle series by American author Patrick Rothfuss.
  • There is a dog present in the party, Gabe, who is a reference to the late Gabe the Dog, a minature American Eskimo and Pomeranian dog whose barks were remixed as the melody of certain popular songs.
  • The skeleton Crunchy and warrior Tim attending the party are a reference to the two figures on the old posters and later High detail or Low detail quality of RuneScape screen.