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3rd age amulet detail.png

The 3rd age amulet is a part of the 3rd age mage set. Requiring level 65 Magic and 30 Defence wear, it has the highest magic attack bonus of any neck-slot item. The 3rd age amulet is a possible reward from treasure trails, and cannot be bought in stores nor made through any skills.

Despite having the highest magic attack bonus for its slot, the occult necklace is considered a better choice compared to the 3rd age amulet option due to its magic damage bonus.


  • This was the first amulet to give +15 bonus to an offensive stat. The previous highest were the amulet of glory and amulet of fury, both of which gave +10 to all attack stats.
  • The 3rd age amulet along with stoles were the first neck-slot items that had a direct skill requirement to equip.