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3rd age robe top detail

The 3rd age robe top is a member's only piece of armour that is part of the Third age mage set. To wear the top the player needs at least 30 Defence and 65 Magic. To obtain a third age mage top the player can either complete a Level 3 Treasure trail or trade with another player. Originally, the bonuses of this armour were equivalent to infinity robes obtained in the Mage Training Arena but were later altered to make this armour more a useful item rather than a collector's item.

The chance of obtaining any one piece of third-age mage armour is between 1 in 7,000 and 1 in 10,500. The chance of obtaining a specific piece of third-age mage armour is between 1 in 28,000 and 1 in 42,000.[1]


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