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Start point Quest point icon Go east of Varrock, through the gate by the earth altar and just south of there, speak to Launa.
Official difficulty Novice
Description A rift in the ground has opened up releasing all manner of strange monsters into the lands near the Digsite. A sorrowful mother waits at the top of the rift for her long lost son, who has been missing for 25 years. You can journey down into the rift for an adventure full of twisted monsters all created from the mind of a young boy driven to madness through incarceration.
Length Medium/Long
Requirements The ability to defeat level 45+ enemies.
Items required Rope and some form of a weapon.

Light source (Must have)


Enemies to defeat Multiple level 45+ enemies


File:Sb launa.png

Starting out

  • Talk to Launa. (Chat 1)
  • Enter the rift with your rope.

Room 1 - Rage

Room 2 - Fear

  • Look inside the dark holes, some will have a fear reaper.
    • You cannot search the same hole repeatedly.
  • Kill 5 or 6 reapers to get a cutscene.
  • Enter the black hole to the west.

Room 3 - Confusion

  • Defeat confusion beasts until you find the one that takes damage. The "fake" ones will vanish after 8 hits.
    • Running to the opposite end of the room will disengage.
    • If your XP drops are on, you will see that you're getting XP when hitting 0's. These are "fake", disengage.
  • Repeat until one door remains to get the cutscene.
  • Enter the confusing door.
Tolna (monster)

Is that really Tolna??

Room 4 - Hopelessness

  • Kill all the hopeless creatures 3 times each.
  • Cross the bridge and prepare to fight Tolna (3 level 46 monsters).

Finishing up.

  • Kill the 3 heads.
  • Talk to Tolna.
  • Talk to him again on the surface.

Quest complete!


A Soul's Bane reward scroll
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