Start point Quest point icon The roaming Mage of Zamorak at the end of the River Lum in level 4-7 Wilderness.
Official difficulty
Description North of Edgeville bank is the Mage of Zamorak, who roams in level 4-7 Wilderness near the River Lum and grants access to the Abyss where one can craft runes at the cost of danger.
Length Very Short
Requirements Rune Mysteries
Items required An Ardougne teleport and Amulet of glory are recommended to save time.
Enemies to defeat None


Starting off

  • Follow the River Lum near Edgeville until you reach the Mage of Zamorak; he wanders around level 4-7 Wilderness. Talk to him and he will explain to you that it's too dangerous to talk in the Wilderness. He wants you to meet him back at Varrock. Note that he will not talk to you if you are wearing Saradomin or Guthix items.
  • Head back to Varrock and find him located at the Zamorak Chaos Temple, which is located south-east of Aubury's Rune Shop. Talk to him there, and then ask him where he gets his runes from when the question is available. He will tell you about the Abyss and that he is having problems. Say that you will help him!

Getting the readings

  • He will then give you a Scrying orb. He will explain that you need to travel to the Rune Essence Mine from three different locations with the orb in your inventory. This will give the scrying orb readings of where you traveled from and how you got there.
  • When you are done, go back to the Chaos Temple in Varrock. Speak to the Zamorakian Mage and he will give you 1,000 Runecrafting experience, an Abyssal book and a small pouch, used to hold 3 rune essence. Then, speak to him again; he will tell you this is not the place to talk, then says, "Meet me back in the wild; you remember the place."
  • Travel back to the Wilderness and talk to him again. He will warn you about the monsters and perils that roam the Abyss. Request to teleport to the Abyss and you complete the miniquest.
  • If you have other god armour on besides Zamorak, he will tell you to take it off before speaking to him, because it is disrespecting the "holy place."


  • Ability to enter the Abyss
  • 1000 Runecrafting icon experience
  • A Small pouch (available to carry 3 pure essence or rune essence)

Into the Abyss

After helping the mage, you are able to teleport to the Abyss. Upon entering, you are skulled, and your Prayer points will be reduced to 0.

There are two layers in the Abyss. One is filled with monsters and obstacles that are there in attempts to prevent you from getting to the second layer. In the second layer there is a Zamorakian mage who is able to repair the essence pouches that are obtained by the monsters in the first layer. There are also rifts which teleport you to any altar available in the game, assuming you meet the quest requirements to enter the altar. Note that you still can't bring any armour or weaponry when using the Law Rift.

Required for completing

Completion of the Abyss miniquest is required for the following:

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