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|{{plink|Jar of darkness}}
|{{plink|Jar of darkness}}
|A large display of Skotizo in his dark lair.
|A large display of Skotizo in his dark lair.
|[[Grotesque Guardians]]
|<!--[[File:Grotesque Guardians display.png|300px]]-->
|{{plink|Jar of stone}}

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Achievement Gallery

A player inside their Achievement Gallery.

An achievement gallery in a player-owned house is a room where the player can display certain accomplishments. This room can be created with level 80 Construction and 200,000 coins. You can only build one of these rooms.

There are six different hotspots available:

  • Altar
  • Adventure log
  • Jewellery box
  • Boss lair
  • Mounted display
  • Quest list

The lowest level a player can be to build this room is 75 construction with spicy stew(+5).


The altar hot spot allows players to build a spellbook-switching altar. They can be used to switch spellbooks without having to travel to the overworld spellbook-switching altars.

Altar Image Level Materials Experience
Ancient altar Ancient altar icon 80 10 limestone bricks, 1 magic stone, 1 ancient signet, 1 Pharaoh's sceptre 1,490
Lunar altar Lunar altar icon 80 10 limestone bricks, 1 magic stone, 1 lunar signet, 10,000 astral runes 1,957
Dark altar Dark altar (Construction) icon 80 10 limestone bricks, 1 magic stone, 1 Arceuus signet, 5,000 blood runes, 5,000 soul runes 3,888
Occult altar Occult altar icon 90 Materials for the other two altars the player hasn't built, excluding the magic stone and limestone bricks. 3,445

Adventure log

The adventure log allows players to show off to other players the following:

Display Image Level Materials Experience
Mahogany adventure log Mahogany adventure log icon 83 3 mahogany planks, 2 papyrus, 1 enchanted gem 504
Gilded adventure log Gilded adventure log icon 88 3 mahogany planks, 2 gold leaves, 1 enchanted gem 1,100
Marble adventure log Marble adventure log icon 93 2 marble blocks, 4 limestone bricks, 1 enchanted gem 1,160

Jewellery box

The jewellery box can store various teleportation jewellery. Each box will provide unlimited teleports to locations provided by the enchanted jewellery.

Jewellery boxes are constructed in upgrades: before a higher level box can be built, you must first build the one before it.

Display Image Level Materials Experience Jewellery stored
Basic jewellery box Basic jewellery box icon 81 1 bolt of cloth, 1 steel bar, 3 games necklace (8), 3 rings of dueling (8) 605 Ring of dueling and Games necklace
Fancy jewellery box Fancy jewellery box icon 86 1 gold leaf, 5 skills necklace (4), 5 combat bracelet (4) 1,350 Previous + Combat bracelet and Skills necklace
Ornate jewellery box Ornate jewellery box icon 91 2 gold leaves, 8 amulet of glory (4), 8 ring of wealth (5) 2,680 Previous + Amulet of glory and Ring of wealth

Boss lair

The boss lair allows a player to build a fancy display showing off various bosses. The display can be configured to show any display that a player possesses.

Display Image Level Materials Experience
Boss lair display Boss lair display icon 87 4 steel bars, 5 molten glass, 10 mahogany planks 1,483

In order to display a boss lair, players must have killed the boss once, and using a certain jar dropped by that boss. Once put in the display, players can remove the jar should they wish to do so, but must put the jar back if they wish to display that boss again.

The following bosses can be displayed:

Boss lair Image Jar required Examine
Kraken Kraken display Jar of dirt Jar of dirt A large display of the Kraken in their dank lair.
Zulrah Zulrah display Jar of swamp Jar of swamp A large display of Zulrah in her poisonous lair.
Kalphite Queen Kalphite Queen display Jar of sand Jar of sand A large display of the Kalphite Queen in her sandy lair.
Cerberus Cerberus display Jar of souls Jar of souls A large display of Cerberus in her gloomy lair.
Abyssal Sire Abyssal Sire display Jar of miasma Jar of miasma A large display of the Abyssal Sire in his miasmic lair.
Skotizo Skotizo display Jar of darkness Jar of darkness A large display of Skotizo in his dark lair.
Grotesque Guardians Jar of stone Jar of stone missing

Mounted display

The mounted display displays certain items to show off the player's items or wealth.

Display Image Level Materials Experience
Mounted emblem Mounted emblem icon 80 1 marble block, 1 gold leaf, 1 Mysterious emblem (tier 10) 5,300
Mounted coins Mounted coins icon 80 1 marble block, 1 gold leaf, 100,000,000 coins 800
Cape hanger Cape hanger icon 80 1 marble block, 1 gold leaf 800

Quest list

The quest list displays the player's progress through every quest and miniquest. It will show which quests the player has completed, started and not started.

Item Image Level Materials Experience
Quest list Quest list icon 80 10 papyrus, 1 gold leaf 310

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