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Achievements is a set of small challenges that players may complete in order to earn rewards. The achievements are tasks that are usually tied to a specific area and are meant to test the player's knowledge about that area. There are currently eleven areas that have tasks to complete.

The tasks of each area are split into four categories based on their difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Elite. The easiest tasks usually do not require any significant skill levels to complete, but most higher level tasks require the player to have high skill levels and difficult quests completed, as well as in-depth knowledge of a particular area within RuneScape, such as the TzHaar Fight Cave. Achievements is currently exclusive to members only.

Players who have completed all the achievements can purchase an Achievements cape (t) from Twiggy O'Korn in Draynor Village for 99,000 coins. Completing all the achievements will also add a cyan trim to the Quest point cape.

Achievements difficulty is sorted by levels needed to complete: Easy require skills up to level 40, Medium up to level 65, Hard up to level 75, and Elite can require skills in the 90s. For this reason, if you are pursuing to complete all of a specific difficulty of the achievements set, it is recommended that you have all your skills at the achievements difficulty level.

Should you complete all tasks of one difficulty without having completed the tasks for the previous difficulty for one area, the taskmaster will tell you to complete all of the tasks of the previous difficulty before claiming your reward.

List of achievement sets

There are currently twelve areas that have achievements:

Achievements Main reward Highest requirement
Ardougne Achievements Ardougne cloak 94 Magic icon Magic
Desert Achievements Desert amulet 95 Fletching icon Fletching
Falador Achievements Falador shield Any 99 or 266 Quest point icon points
Fremennik Achievements Fremennik sea boots 83 Slayer icon Slayer and Very High Combat Stats
Kandarin Achievements Kandarin headgear 90 Smithing icon Smithing
Karamja Achievements Karamja gloves 91 Runecrafting icon Runecrafting
Kourend & Kebos Achievements Rada's blessing 95 Slayer icon Slayer and Very High Combat Stats
Lumbridge & Draynor Achievements Explorer's ring 88 Smithing icon Smithing and 266 Quest point icon points
Morytania Achievements Morytania legs 96 Fishing icon Fishing
Varrock Achievements Varrock armour 95 Cooking icon Cooking
Western Provinces Achievements Western banner 93 Slayer icon Slayer
Wilderness Achievements Wilderness sword 96 Magic icon Magic

All requirements

The tabber below shows all the requirements for each set of achievements.

Skill Requirements
Attack icon -
Hitpoints icon -
Mining icon 40
Strength icon -
Agility icon 20
Smithing icon 13
Defence icon -
Herblore icon 20
Fishing icon 20
Ranged icon 30
Thieving icon 21
Cooking icon 30
Prayer icon -
Crafting icon 40
Firemaking icon 15
Magic icon 21
Fletching icon 25
Woodcutting icon 40
Runecrafting icon 9
Slayer icon 15
Farming icon 23[1]
Construction icon 16
Hunter icon 11
Quest point icon -
Combat icon 40
Stats icon ~350
Quest Requirements
Big Chompy Bird Hunting
Cook's Assistant
Death Plateau
Doric's Quest
Druidic Ritual
The Fremennik Trials
Gertrude's Cat
The Knight's Sword
Nature Spirit
Plague City
Priest in Peril
Rune Mysteries
Additional Requirements
Started Elemental Workshop I
Started The Giant Dwarf
Started Icthlarin's Little Helper
Started Troll Stronghold
Completed Enter the Abyss
30 Chompy bird Kills
Obtain 50 Kudos

Skill Requirements
Attack icon -
Hitpoints icon -
Mining icon 70
Strength icon -
Agility icon 71
Smithing icon 75
Defence icon 70
Herblore icon 66
Fishing icon 70
Ranged icon 70
Thieving icon 75
Cooking icon 70
Prayer icon 70
Crafting icon 70
Firemaking icon 65
Magic icon 72
Fletching icon 70
Woodcutting icon 71
Runecrafting icon 65
Slayer icon 72
Farming icon 70
Construction icon 65
Hunter icon 69
Quest point icon 175
Combat icon 100
Stats icon ~1550
Quest Requirements
Another Slice of H.A.M.
Desert Treasure
Dream Mentor
Eadgar's Ruse
The Feud
The Great Brain Robbery
Grim Tales
Haunted Mine
Heroes' Quest
In Aid of the Myreque
King's Ransom
Legends' Quest
Making History
Mourning's Ends Part II
Recipe for Disaster (fully completed)
Roving Elves
The Slug Menace
Swan Song
Tears of Guthix
Throne of Miscellania
Additional Requirements
Unlocked the Bones to Peaches spell from the Mage Training Arena
Completed Barbarian Training in Fishing, Smithing and Firemaking
Completed Mage Arena
Defeat the Penance Queen in Barbarian Assault
300 Chompy bird kills
Obtain 153 Kudos
Obtain full prospector from the Motherlode Mine
Slayer helmet
Unlocked at least one of the three God spells
Level 100 Combat for Pest Control and a Slayer task from Duradel
Completion of the Camelot training room
Kill Zulrah
Kill Kalphite Queen
Full skull sceptre

Skill Requirements
Attack icon 70
Hitpoints icon 70
Mining icon 85
Strength icon 76
Agility icon 90
Smithing icon 91
Defence icon 70
Herblore icon 90
Fishing icon 96
Ranged icon 70
Thieving icon 91
Cooking icon 95
Prayer icon 85
Crafting icon 85
Firemaking icon 85
Magic icon 96
Fletching icon 95
Woodcutting icon 75
Runecrafting icon 91
Slayer icon 93
Farming icon 91
Construction icon 78
Hunter icon 69
Quest point icon 266
Combat icon 100
Stats icon 1937
Additional Requirements
1,000 Chompy kills - Western Province
Any complete void set - Western Province
Completed Barbarian Training - Kandarin
Level 5 in all Barbarian Assault roles - Kandarin
1,300 Black Knight kills - Falador
Own a fire cape or infernal cape - Karamja
Completed all quests - Lumbridge & Draynor
800,000 Nightmare Zone points - Ardougne
Kalphite queen head - Desert
Any complete Barrows set - Morytania

  1. 47 for ironmen
  2. 47 for ironmen


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