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Adamant bolts (p) detail.png

Adamant bolts are a ranged projectile which is the 4th strongest bolt in the game, and must be fired from an adamant crossbow or higher (requiring 46 Ranged).

Adamant bolts can be smithed at level 73 Smithing using an adamantite bar, creating 10 adamant bolts(unf) per bar. Level 61 Fletching is required to complete the bolts. When adding feathers, each ten bolts yields 70 experience. Players can also choose to attach diamond bolt tips at 65 Fletching or ruby bolt tips at 63 Fletching and enchant the bolts for added effects in combat.

They are an uncommon drop from iron dragons, a useful source for Ironmen who lack the 73 smithing. As described above they can then be made in Ruby bolts (e), useful for boss fights.

A player with 55 Slayer and 61 Ranged may wish to instead use broad bolts, as these are equally strong, yet are considerably cheaper. However, broad bolts cannot be fired by an adamant crossbow and require a rune crossbow or higher to use.

Because these bolts are often used for enchanted bolts, their price is often higher than runite bolts. Before using adamant bolts for ranging, consider using runite instead.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Skeletal Wyvern 140 7–99 3; Uncommon
Iron dragon 189; 215 2–12 3; Uncommon