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Adamant scimitar detail.png

The adamant scimitar is the fourth strongest scimitar in the game (behind rune, gilded and dragon). Like all adamant weapons, it requires 30 Attack to wield. Players can make an adamant scimitar with the Smithing skill at level 75 using 2 adamantite bars, giving the player 125 Smithing experience. The scimitar can also be acquired from killing monsters.

Combat styles

CombatStyles scimitar.png Combat style Type Experience
Chop Slash Attack and Hitpoints
Slash Slash Strength and Hitpoints
Lunge Stab Shared
Block Slash Defence and Hitpoints

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Bandit champion 70 1 1; Always
Zombie (Tarn's Lair) 61–80 1 3; Uncommon
Mutated Bloodveld 123 1 3; Uncommon
Kalphite Guardian 141 1 3; Uncommon
Insatiable mutated Bloodveld 278 1 3; Uncommon
Kalphite Soldier 85 1 4; Rare
Bandit (Wilderness) 130 1 4; Rare