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An admiral pie is a pie found in Old School RuneScape that can be baked with the Cooking skill at level 70. The recipe for an admiral pie is salmon, tuna, and raw potato (in that order) added into a pie shell.


Admiral pies heal 8 hitpoints per half and boost the player's Fishing level by 5. The boost obtained cannot be stacked with other boosting items. By eating half an admiral pie, it is possible to enter the Fishing Guild at level 63 Fishing and catch a raw shark at level 71 fishing, which is a task given by Sherlock while doing an elite clue scroll. It is also possible to catch a sacred eel at 82 Fishing, which is needed in a task given by Sherlock while doing a master clue scroll.


To cook this dish, you will need salmon, tuna, raw potato, and pastry dough. You prepare the food with a pie dish, and you cook the pie on a range. The cooking level is 70, cooking experience is 201, and the level to avoid burning is 94.

  1. Use pastry dough > pie dish (becomes a pie shell)
  2. Use cooked salmon > pie shell (becomes part admiral pie 1)
  3. Use cooked tuna > part admiral pie 1 (becomes part admiral pie 2)
  4. Use raw potato > part admiral pie 2 (becomes raw admiral pie)
  5. Cook on a range (Use uncooked admiral pie > range). Will either become an admiral pie (edible) or a burnt pie (non-edible; can be emptied to reuse pie dish).

This recipe yields 2 servings.