This article is about the Adventurer killed and eaten by Burntmeat. For the Temple Trekking individual, see Adventurer (Temple Trekking).
For the player in general, see Account.

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The Adventurer is a young man who is interrogated and later boiled alive in a cauldron within the Troll Stronghold's kitchen by Burntmeat during the first cutscene in My Arm's Big Adventure.

The player learns about the fate of the Adventurer when speaking to Burntmeat at the beginning of My Arm's Big Adventure. Burntmeat tells the player about the Adventurer because Burntmeat discovered that Goutweed could be farmed whilst interrogating the captive Adventurer.

Burntmeat then realises from the Adventurer that Goutweed can be grown again and informs the player that his assistant, My Arm, will need help growing it.


  • If the player asks Burntmeat for the Adventurers items as a reward, Burntmeat will tell you that he threw them away as they weren't edible. If you have done the Swan Song quest before My Arm's Big Adventure, your character replies, "You're worse than that old man who wouldn't give me his hat!" This response pertains to the many rants during Swan Song where your character begs the Wise Old Man for his blue partyhat.

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