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Aggie chathead
Aggie the Witch of Draynor Village is a very useful NPC in western Draynor Village. She sells potions and dyes. If you call her a mad old witch, she will take 20 coins from you assuming you have it in your inventory. You can use ingredients directly on Aggie to save you going through 3 parts of dialog.


Note: All directions on this page lead from the centre of the Draynor Village Market Square
  1. Go east along the road that the bank is on
  2. At the "T" intersection, take the north road
  3. At the intersection, take the road to the west
  4. Go to the last house on that road, next to the cart - this is Aggie's


Dye Ingredients Uses
Blue dyeBlue dyeWoad leaves,
5 Coins
Can be mixed with red dye to make purple dye, or yellow dye to make green dye.
Red dyeRed dyeRedberries,
5 Coins
Colours goblin mails and capes red.
Can be mixed with yellow dye to make orange dye, or blue dye to make purple dye.
Yellow dyeYellow dyeOnions,
5 Coins
Colours goblin mails and capes yellow.
Can be mixed with red dye to make orange dye, or blue dye to make green dye.
PastePastePot of flour,
Bucket of water
Makes the player's skin lighter.

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