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#REDIRECT[[Twisted bow]]
{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Aggie
|image = [[File:Aggie.png|120px]]
|release = 28 February [[2001]]
|update = Yet another new quest, and new options menu
|race = [[Human]]
|members = No
|quest = {{*}} [[Goblin Diplomacy]]<br>{{*}} [[One Small Favour]]
|location = [[Draynor Village]]
|shop = [[Dye]]s
|gender = Female
|examine = A witch.
|map = [[File:Aggie location.png]]
[[File:Aggie chathead.png|left]]
'''Aggie the Witch of Draynor Village''' is a very useful [[Non-player character|NPC]] in western [[Draynor Village]]. She sells potions and [[dye]]s. If you call her a mad old witch, she will take 20 coins from you assuming you have it in your inventory. You can use ingredients directly on Aggie to save you going through 3 parts of dialog.{{Clear|left}}
:'''Note:''' All directions on this page lead from the centre of the [[Draynor Village]] Market Square
#Go east along the road that the [[bank]] is on
#At the "T" intersection, take the north road
#At the intersection, take the road to the west
#Go to the last house on that road, next to the cart - this is Aggie's
{|class="wikitable" style="text-align:center"
|[[File:Blue dye.png]]||[[Blue dye]]||2 [[Woad leaf|Woad leaves]],<br>5 [[Coins]]||{{*}} Can be mixed with red dye to make [[purple dye]], or yellow dye to make [[green dye]].
|[[File:Red dye.png]]||[[Red dye]]||3 [[Redberries]],<br>5 [[Coins]]||{{*}} Colours [[goblin mail]]s and [[capes]] red.<br>{{*}} Can be mixed with yellow dye to make [[orange dye]], or blue dye to make purple dye.
|[[File:Yellow dye.png]]||[[Yellow dye]]||2 [[Onion]]s,<br>5 [[Coins]]||{{*}} Colours goblin mails and capes yellow.<br>{{*}} Can be mixed with red dye to make orange dye, or blue dye to make green dye.
|[[File:Paste.png]]||[[Paste]]||[[Pot of flour]],<br>[[Ashes]],<br>[[Redberries]],<br>[[Bucket of water]]||{{*}} Makes the player's skin lighter.
{{One Small Favour}}
{{2017 Birthday event}}
{{2018 Birthday event}}
{{Prince Ali Rescue}}

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