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The Agility Pyramid is a dangerous Agility training area located between Sophanem and Nardah. It is also known as the Jaleustrophos Pyramid. Here, players must climb to the top of the pyramid, retrieve a Pyramid top artefact, and drop down to the bottom to hand it to Simon Templeton in exchange for 10,000 gold pieces. Players must enter the doorway at the top of the pyramid, or the pyramid top will not be replaced.

An hour of perfect laps at 75 Agility or higher with stamina potions and Humidify can grant a maximum of 240,000 gold pieces per hour, making this the fastest way to earn money with agility training.

At 75 Agility with stamina potions and Humidify, the experience rate can reach up to approximately 39,000 xp per hour, increasing incrementally with each additional Agility level up to approximately 44,000 xp per hour at 99.

The Agility Pyramid.

Location on World Map
Pyramid Agility Pyramid Unknown


  • Ability to survive desert heat, which requires waterskins
  • Ability to replenish Hitpoints, which requires food.
  • Level 30 Agility to start the pyramid
  • Although its technically possible to get to the top at level 30, the chance of failing certain obstacles is so high that you rarely, if ever get to the top before level 45+
  • At level 50 Agility, you can expect to fail 4-7 obstacles on average before reaching the top.
  • At level 60 Agility, you can expect to fail 2-4 obstacles on average before reaching the top.
  • At level 70 Agility, it is impossible to fail any obstacles regardless of weight, aside from the jump gaps, which always have a slight chance of failure until 75.
  • At level 75 Agility, it is impossible to fail the jump gaps, regardless of weight.



Getting there

Agility Pyramid Route.png

There are several ways of getting to the Agility Pyramid:

Clothing and items to bring

  • A full set of Graceful clothing is the most efficient set of clothing in terms of energy conservation. A full set of graceful replenishes one's energy 30 percent faster than the normal rate, allowing for more time spent running as opposed to walking the course. Also, graceful allows for a much higher success rate on certain obstacles due to its property of weightlessness. The only downside to graceful is that it fails to diminish the effects of desert heat, resulting in a more frequent depletion of waterskins.
  • A full set of desert robes is the most efficient set of clothing in terms of water conservation. However, desert robes do not have any energy restoration abilities.

Starting off

  • Upon arriving at the Agility Pyramid, walk to the westernmost part of the area.
  • Climb down the agility wall. (Note that this requires level 30 Agility.)
  • Talk to Simon Templeton, who can be found near the Agility Pyramid. He will explain that he works for the Varrock Museum and is willing to purchase Pyramid tops for 10,000 gold pieces each.
  • Climb down another wall to start the course.


Obstacle Image XP Occurrences Description
Rolling Blocks Rolling blocks.png 12 5 These blocks roll when stepped on. If successful, players will be thrown to the next block. If they fail, it will roll them down one level within the pyramid and cause 6 Hitpoints of damage. If you go backwards you will always roll down and cause 1 HP of damage. They can be recognised as grey round stones. You can examine them on the floor below, and they are called stone blocks.
Climb-over Low Wall Low wall.png 8 5 These are low walls that players can climb over. Players may occasionally slip and take 4 HP of damage.
Moving Blocks
0 2 Moving blocks may push players off the level. If timed properly, players will be able to get past these blocks. If incorrectly timed, players will be pushed down to the level below and hit for 8 HP of damage.
Cross Ledge Sliding blocks.png 52 4 Players will have to walk across a small ledge. Players may occasionally trip and fall down one level, causing 10 HP of damage.
Cross Plank Balance ledge.png 56.4 2 Players will have to cross the plank "bridge" to move past. Occasionally, players may slip and fall down one level, causing 10 HP of damage.
Cross Gap Shimmy gap.png 56.4 3 Players will have to cross a gap. They can lose their grip and fall to the level below, causing 8 HP of damage.
Jump Gap Jump gap.png 22 6 Players will have to jump over this gap. Players may occasionally miss their footing and comically fall to the level below, causing 8 HP of damage.
Climb-up Stairs
Pyramid Top.png
0 5 Climbing up the stairs will get players one level higher.
Completion Bonus 300 + 8x(Agility level)

Bonus: You will get a bonus experience score for completing the course, which is equal to a base amount of 300 plus your agility level multiplied by 8. [300 + (Agility Level x 8)]

Finishing off/reward

  • Once at the top, players will find a temple with an artefact sitting on top.
  • Climb up the climbing rocks at the side of the temple, and claim the Pyramid top.
  • Go to the other side of the temple, and enter a doorway.
  • You will find yourself at the base of the pyramid.
  • Each pyramid top weighs 11 kilograms. It is highly recommended to sell your pyramids to Simon after every one or two laps depending on the weight of your character.