Ahab chathead

Ahab is an NPC at the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim. He yells at anyone when they touch his beer which is uniquely called Ahab's Beer and is the only one in RuneScape.

After a long conversation he will ask if the player has a boat he could have (requiring the completion of Dragon Slayer). The player will then say no and Ahab will become sad.


  • Ahab's name is a reference to Captain Ahab, a character in the novel Moby-Dick.
  • His examine alludes to the lyrics of a famous sea shanty.
  • When you look at his feet one is moving while the other isn't. This is because one of his feet is wooden.
  • His beer is not affected by telegrab. Attempting to cast this spell results in a humorous shout by Ahab.
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