This article is about Barrows brother Ahrim the Blighted. For his armour set, see Ahrim the Blighted's equipment.

Ahrim the Blighted is the oldest of the Barrows brothers using the Magic corner of the combat triangle. His crypt is found in the centre of the Barrows. He wears robes, which make him vulnerable to Ranged as well as Melee attacks. Ahrim can easily damage the player with his magical attacks, as they are very accurate even on dragonhide armour. Aside from this, Ahrim can also use Confuse, Weaken and Curse on the player, lowering their Attack, Strength and Defence stats respectively. Ahrim's set effect is Blighted Aura, which gives him a 20% chance to lower the player's Strength stat by 5 for each successful hit.

It is recommended that the player uses Protect from Magic when fighting him due to his accuracy - although note that it will not protect against his stat reductions. Even if using the Protect from Magic prayer, his stat reduction spells can still work, plus his set effect can still activate because the attack still counts as a successful hit, so the use of dragonhide armour and bringing a Stat restore potion is recommended.

Ahrim is commonly defeated with the use of a toxic blowpipe, rune/Karil's crossbow or crystal bow. Players with high melee stats may opt for the use of an abyssal whip or godsword instead.

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