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A player wearing a full set of Ahrim's equipment.

Ahrim the Blighted's equipment is obtainable from the Barrows minigame. A full set consists of Ahrim's robetop, robeskirt, hood, and staff. The set requires 70 Magic and 70 Defence to wear, and 70 Attack to use the staff. Ahrim's robes give Melee Defence bonuses that Magic robes normally don't have, which makes it somewhat popular for PvP situations. The staff, on the other hand is not commonly used, and the set effect is generally not seen as particularly useful; however, the staff is able to autocast Ancient Magicks when a full set is equipped alongside an amulet of the damned. Ahrim's (along with other Barrows equipment) degrades over a period of 15 hours, but only in combat.

Ahrim's set offers some of the best Magic bonuses available and is normally recommended for fighting various high level monsters. It is one of the few sets of magical robes that give Defence bonuses against things other than Magic. This is further reinforced by the fact that the robes look like a combination of chainmail and robes. Like chainmail, it is strong against crush attacks; however, more like dragonhide, it is weak to slash and strong against stab. However, it provides no Ranged protection. It is also noticeably heavier than other Magic armour; the full set weighs approximately 19 kg, with the top and bottom alone weighing 4.5 and 11.3. This makes it less practical for activities where lots of running is required, such as Chambers of Xeric.

Set effect

A player activating Ahrim's set effect, Blighted Aura.

Blighted Aura: Magic attacks have a 25% chance of lowering the enemy's Strength by five levels repeatedly. The set effect even activates if a spell splashes, similar to how Guthan's can trigger off a 0 hit.


Item GE Price GE Price at 0
Ahrim's hood 61,586 30,320
Ahrim's robetop 2,900,631 2,766,696
Ahrim's robeskirt 2,169,900 2,087,619
Ahrim's staff 104,883 49,855
Total 5,237,000 4,934,490

Note: GE prices of Ahrim's equipment at 0 charge may not accurately reflect its value due to its inactivity on the GE.

Components and bonuses

Players wearing an Amulet of the damned and Ahrim's set will be able to autocast Ancient Magicks. In addition, players will have a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage. This effect occurs alongside the normal set effect.

Item Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Other Bonus
Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Stab Slash Crush Magic Range Strength Prayer
Ahrim's hood 0 0 0 +6 -2 +15 +13 +16 +6 0 0 0
Ahrim's robetop 0 0 0 +30 -10 +52 +37 +63 +30 0 0 0
Ahrim's robeskirt 0 0 0 +22 -7 +33 +30 +36 +22 0 0 0
Ahrim's staff +12 -1 +65 +15 0 +3 +5 +2 +15 0 +68 0
Total +12 -1 +65 +73 -19 +103 +85 +117 +73 0 +68 0