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{{Infobox Item
|name = Air talisman
|image = [[File:Air talisman.png]]
|release = [[1 December]] [[2003]]
|update = RuneScape 2 Beta is Here!
|members = No
|quest = No
|tradeable = Yes
|equipable = No
|destroy = Drop
|stackable = No
|high = 2
|low = 1
|examine = A mysterious power emanates from the talisman...
|weight = 1
[[File:Air talisman.png|left]]
The '''Air talisman''' is an [[Items|item]] that allows players to enter the [[Air altar]]. At the altar, the player can use the [[Runecrafting]] skill to turn [[Rune essence]] or [[Pure essence]] into [[Air rune]]s.
Also at the air altar, an air talisman can be combined with a silver [[tiara]] to make an [[air tiara]] for 25 [[Runecrafting]] [[experience]], by using the tiara on the altar while having an air talisman in inventory. This consumes the talisman, but the air tiara can be used the same as an air talisman and can be worn, opening an inventory slot to carry another essence.
Air talismans can be used to create [[combination rune]]s. The talisman is consumed when used as the 'secondary' talisman to make these runes.
Air talismans can be obtained as a reward from the [[Rune Mysteries]] or as drops from various monsters. The lowest leveled monster to drop them are level 2 Goblins, but they are not a frequent drop. The level 13 Air Wizard located south of Falador occasionally drops air talismans. Level 86 Abyssal leeches often drop talismans, including air talismans, but the leeches are in members' areas and the areas are dangerous for lower-leveled players.
The player receives an air talisman at the end of the [[Rune Mysteries]] quest. (Before an update, the player received one earlier in the quest, but this was changed to a [[Talisman]], which it looks like an air talisman but cannot be used as one.
==Dropping monsters==
==Combining the Air talisman==
==Combining the Air talisman==

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Combining the Air talisman

Air talisman.png
Air talisman
+ Tiara.png
Air tiara.png
Air tiara
File:Air Altar Location.png

Air altar location

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