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Aivas' diary can be obtained in the dungeon beneath Lithkren by searching a skeleton next to the grandiose doors.


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12th Moevyng

One of the scouts came back today with a disturbing report. He claimed that he had seen the enemy abducting various beasts from the caves north of Karville. Demons, giants and spectres were just some of the ones he mentioned. Of course, the kin are not strangers when it comes to experimenting on creatures, but the scale here is much larger than anything they've done in the past. Robert seems concerned but not surprised. As the tide of this war turned, he always said they would try new methods to regain the advantage. An emergency council was called and it was agreed that this be considered a priority threat. Robert has redirected many of our scouts to investigate further and try to work out where the kin are taking these beasts. 

19th Bennath

It's been over a month since the first abductions were sighted and in the time since we've heard very little. However, that changed today as new reports came in. Interestingly, these reports came not from our own scouts, but from a group of sailors. The kin have been terrorising most of the major shipping routes as of late and the sailors have been having to brave more treacherous waters. While navigating the rarely travelled northern seas, they spotted an unmapped group of islands to the east. They claimed that one of the islands was the home of a large fortress, one built in the distinct architecture of the kin. but what was most interesting was what they saw on the shores of the island, demons. A small scout force has been sent out to verify the reports. In the meantime, we prepare for battle.

32nd Bennath

The scout force has returned and there is now no doubt, this island is what we've been looking for. Robert has issued a call to arms and a force is being prepared for an assault on the island. Much remained uncertain however. Although our scouts have verified that this island is where the abducted beasts are being taken, we still have no idea what the kin are doing with them. Looking at the previous experiments of the kin, it's possible that we will face some new enemies on this island. 

4th Raktuber

We expect to arrive at the island tomorrow morning and I can feel the fear in the air. Our people are more than familiar with the kin at this point but to look in the eyes of our enemy is still as terrifying as ever. Not for me though. We fight beside Robert the Strong, one of the finest heroes humanity has ever seen. With him on our side, I know we will be victorious. So we now make our final preparations, for with tomorrow, comes war.