Ajjat chathead

Ajjat is an NPC who sells you the Attack cape once you've reached 99 Attack. He can be found on the lowest floor of the Warriors' Guild. To enter the guild, one must have a combined Attack and Strength level of 130 or a 99 of one of those skills.

Ajjat appears to be wearing tattered Black trimmed armour, and is wielding what seems to be a broken Black 2-hander.

Warriors' Guild

Main article: Dummy room

The tokens given from his activity in the Warriors' Guild are used to gain entrance to a room full of Cyclopes at the top of the guild (100 tokens = 10 minutes inside the room). Cyclopes have a chance dropping a defender which can be shown to the person outside the door of the cyclops room, they will then allow you to gain the next defender up in the sequence (bronze to dragon).


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