Ak-Haranu chathead

Ak-Haranu is a merchant from the Eastern Lands, found to the far east past Port Phasmatys and Mos'Le Harmless. He plays a part in Ghosts Ahoy.

Ak-Haranu is currently in Port Phasmatys, selling exotic goods to the residents of the dead city. He does not speak English very well, and does not appear to leave the Eastern Lands often. Despite this, he has heard of Robin Hood, whom he greatly admires and is currently searching for.

The lands to the east are largely a mystery, and Ak-Haranu rarely speaks of them. He is currently one of the few NPCs that is known to have come from the eastern lands, along with San Fran in the Trouble Brewing minigame and Necrovarus, who is said to have come from them hundreds of years ago.

Ak-Haranu runs a shop that sells Bolt racks for Karil's crossbow at a price of 50 coins each, with 500 in stock by default. The price goes up 1 coin for every 2 bolts.

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