The Al kharid flyer is a useless item given by Ali the Leaflet Dropper. He is located at the northern entrance of Al Kharid just above the Al Kharid mine.


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Come to Al Kharid Market place! High quality at low, low prices! Show this flyer to a merchant for money off your next purchase!


  • When used with Ali the Leaflet Dropper, the player says "I don't want this! It's out of date!". In reply, Ali says "Then why would I want it? Keep moving, I have to hand all these flyers out before I get paid."
  • Trying to use the flyer on Ali Morissane will result in him telling you why all the vouchers are out of date. Also, using the flyers on some of the shopkeepers such as Dommik will result in them also saying they are out of date and they will tell you to leave.
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