Alec Kincade chathead

Alec Kincade is the guildmaster of the Myths' Guild. He judges whether adventurers are worthy of entering the guild, by seeing if they have completed the Dragon Slayer II quest.


  • Alec Kincade: Greetings adventurer. Welcome to the Myths' Guild.
  • Player: Tell me about the Guild.
    • Alec Kincade: The Myths' Guild is home to those who wish to uncover the lost secrets of this world. We investigate the myths of this land to see if any facts may be hidden within them.
    • Alec Kincade: We discover things here that others only dream of. The cost of entry is not insignificant though, only the most worthy may share in our secrets.
    • Player: Am I worthy?
    • Alec Kincade: I'm afraid the Guild is not currently accepting new members. However, we will soon be opening our doors again.
    • Alec Kincade: When we do, you should return here. We may well have a place for you.
  • Player: Goodbye.
    • Alec Kincade: Farewell adventurer.
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