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Alice is a widow who runs the farming shop west of Port Phasmatys. Players must help her find a means of communicating with her long deceased husband during the Animal Magnetism quest.

Her husband, and the livestock, died after the activation of the ectofuntus. She and her daughter were spared as well as the Old Crone's son, who is the Old man found in the shipwreck north of Alice's farm. No explanation is given for this oddity.

Alice, and her husband, are the only source of undead chickens in the game. They can be purchased for 20 ectotokens. Players often kill the undead livestock for bones to use at the ectofuntus. So much so, that her husband decides to start saving the proceeds from the sale of undead chickens; They'll be going towards his plans to purchase "killer cows."

Her daughter Lyra can watch over your crops at the nearby farming patch.