Alice's husband chathead

Alice's husband is a farmer who tends to his undead chickens and cows. His wife runs the farm store next door and is still among the living. According to him, the Ectofuntus turned him into a ghost, and his livestock into undead creatures, some years ago.

His daughter, Lyra, can watch over your crops in the farming patch nearby.

During the Animal Magnetism quest, players must acquire two bagged undead chickens from him. This can be done after helping his wife communicate with him. After the quest, more undead chickens may be purchased from him for 20 ecto-tokens.

He gets upset when players kill his cows and chickens—even though they're already dead. The last straw is when Cow31337Killer appears. After that, he decides to start using the proceeds from selling undead chickens to one day purchase some "killer cows."

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