Amulet of chemistry detail

An amulet of chemistry is a jade amulet enchanted via the Lvl-2 Enchant spell.

When equipped, there is a 5% chance to give you an extra dose when brewing potions. The amulet will provide five charges before disappearing.

As of an update on 27 July 2017, players can right-click Options on the amulet to toggle whether they would like to stop making potions when the amulet breaks.


When using the amulet for solely profit, it should only be used when a single dose of the potion you make has a value of more than 1/5th of the amulet's worth. (192.8)

You can see current single dose values for comparison here:

Single Dose Potions GE Value
Attack potion(1) Attack potion(1) 2
Antipoison(1) Antipoison(1) 56
Relicym's balm(1) Relicym's balm(1) 151
Strength potion(1) Strength potion(1) 57
Serum 207 (1) Serum 207 (1) 1
Compost potion(1) Compost potion(1) 124
Restore potion(1) Restore potion(1) 36
Guthix balance (1) Guthix balance (1) 254
Energy potion(1) Energy potion(1) 107
Defence potion(1) Defence potion(1) 107
Agility potion(1) Agility potion(1) 142
Combat potion(1) Combat potion(1) 84
Prayer potion(1) Prayer potion(1) 2,696
Super attack(1) Super attack(1) 43
Superantipoison(1) Superantipoison(1) 68
Fishing potion(1) Fishing potion(1) 52
Super energy(1) Super energy(1) 534
Hunter potion(1) Hunter potion(1) 1,185
Super strength(1) Super strength(1) 390
Super restore(1) Super restore(1) 2,839
Super defence(1) Super defence(1) 154
Antidote+(1) Antidote+(1) 668
Antifire potion(1) Antifire potion(1) 53
Ranging potion(1) Ranging potion(1) 168
Magic potion(1) Magic potion(1) 41
Stamina potion(1) Stamina potion(1) 1,862
Zamorak brew(1) Zamorak brew(1) 995
Antidote++(1) Antidote++(1) 272
Bastion potion(1) Bastion potion(1) 2,124
Battlemage potion(1) Battlemage potion(1) 1,418
Saradomin brew(1) Saradomin brew(1) 1,258
Extended antifire(1) Extended antifire(1) 214
Anti-venom(1) Anti-venom(1) 1,192
Extended super antifire(1) Extended super antifire(1) 2,916

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