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Amulet of fury detail.png

The amulet of fury is one of the most powerful amulets available in Old School RuneScape, having equivalent offensive bonuses to the amulet of glory with superior defensive, strength, and prayer bonuses. It can be made by enchanting an onyx amulet using Lvl-6 Enchant, requiring a Magic level of 87.

While the amulet of fury has the highest all-around stats and is generally regarded as the most powerful amulet, several amulets surpass it in individual bonuses:

  • The 3rd age amulet has a higher Magic attack bonus of +15, but a lower Magic defensive bonus of +10, and provides no other bonuses.
  • The occult necklace has a higher magic attack and damage bonus, but no other bonuses.
  • The amulet of strength has a higher Strength bonus of +10.
  • The salve amulet and all of its variants will result in superior damage output against the undead if used correctly.
  • Holy/unholy symbols and god stoles all have a superior prayer bonus, but offer very little combat bonuses.
  • The necklace of anguish has superior ranged attack and ranged strength bonuses of +15 and +5 respectively.
  • The amulet of torture has higher melee attack bonuses of +15 and a strength bonus of +10, but no defensive bonuses.

The amulet of fury's substantial prayer bonus combined with high combat bonuses also makes it desirable for the Fight Caves activity.

The amulet of fury can be decorated with a fury ornament kit. This produces an amulet of fury (or) but does not change its bonuses.