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Ancient Wyverns are Slayer monsters that require a Slayer level of 82 in order to be harmed. They reside in the Wyvern Cave on Fossil Island and are the strongest species of Wyvern in Old School RuneScape. Like other Wyverns, they require an elemental, mind, dragonfire or ancient wyvern shield to be equipped in order to be slain.

In addition to being harder to fight, Ancient Wyverns share the ability with Taloned Wyverns to use an unblockable Ranged attack that resembles a lighter coloured Water Blast. This attack ignores Protection prayers and hits around 10, though they can also miss. They also appear to use all Melee attack types. When fighting them, the highest defensive armour the player can access is best suited to use against them.




Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Wyvern bones.png Wyvern bones 1 Always 2,725


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Air battlestaff.png Air battlestaff 2 Uncommon 17,896
Mystic air staff.png Mystic air staff 1 Uncommon 24,974
Rune pickaxe.png Rune pickaxe 1 Uncommon 18,715
Rune battleaxe.png Rune battleaxe 1 Uncommon 24,487
Rune full helm.png Rune full helm 1 Uncommon 20,588
Battlestaff.png Battlestaff 6 (noted) Rare 48,966
Granite longsword.png Granite longsword 1 Rare (1/600) 20,638
Granite boots.png Granite boots 1 Rare (1/600) 927,130


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Adamant arrow.png Adamant arrow 36–84 Common 2,052–4,788
Nature rune.png Nature rune 25–50 Uncommon 5,425–10,850
Death rune.png Death rune 30–60 Uncommon 6,090–12,180
Blood rune.png Blood rune 25–50 Uncommon 9,175–18,350
Rune arrow.png Rune arrow 36–72 Uncommon 2,520–5,040
Runite bolts.png Runite bolts 25–60 Rare 10,075–24,180


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Grimy irit leaf.png Grimy irit leaf 3 (noted) Common 2,325
Grimy avantoe.png Grimy avantoe 3 (noted) Common 5,442
Grimy kwuarm.png Grimy kwuarm 3 (noted) Common 3,495
Grimy cadantine.png Grimy cadantine 3 (noted) Common 3,936
Grimy lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme 3 (noted) Common 4,173
Grimy dwarf weed.png Grimy dwarf weed 3 (noted) Common 1,344
Grimy torstol.png Grimy torstol 1 Uncommon 8,341
Grimy ranarr weed.png Grimy ranarr weed 1–4 Uncommon 7,640–30,560
Adamantite bar.png Adamantite bar 3 (noted) Uncommon 5,712
Adamantite ore.png Adamantite ore 20 (noted) Uncommon 21,000
Runite ore.png Runite ore 1–3 (noted) Uncommon 11,169–33,507
Diamond.png Diamond 3–5 (noted) Uncommon 5,673–9,455
Mahogany logs.png Mahogany logs 27–50 (noted) Rare 11,151–20,650


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Seaweed spore.png Seaweed spore 3–24 Uncommon 2,892–23,136
Ranarr seed.png Ranarr seed 1–3 Uncommon 45,466–136,398
Teak seed.png Teak seed 1 Uncommon 85
Snapdragon seed.png Snapdragon seed 1 Rare 54,551
Torstol seed.png Torstol seed 1 Rare 58,385
Mahogany seed.png Mahogany seed 1 Rare 3,029
Yew seed.png Yew seed 1 Rare 68,162
Palm tree seed.png Palm tree seed 1 Rare 39,781
Magic seed.png Magic seed 1 Rare 118,931
Spirit seed.png Spirit seed 1 Rare Not sold
Watermelon seed.png Watermelon seed 15 Rare 1,065


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Numulite.png Numulite 5–30 Common (108/175=62%) 100–600
Unidentified small fossil.png Unidentified small fossil 1 Uncommon (6/175=3.4%) Not sold
Unidentified medium fossil.png Unidentified medium fossil 1 Uncommon (3/175=1.7%) Not sold
Unidentified large fossil.png Unidentified large fossil 1 Uncommon (12/875=1.37%) Not sold
Unidentified rare fossil.png Unidentified rare fossil 1 Rare (3/875=0.34%) Not sold


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Shark.png Shark 5 Common 4,605
Super combat potion(2).png Super combat potion(2) 1 Common 4,885
Super restore(4).png Super restore(4) 2 Uncommon 19,892
Coins 1000.png Coins 2,000–6,000 Uncommon Not sold
Runite crossbow (u).png Runite crossbow (u) 1 Uncommon 9,599
Supercompost.png Supercompost 8 (noted) Uncommon 3,648
Onyx bolt tips.png Onyx bolt tips 10–15 Uncommon 82,210–123,315
Clue scroll (elite).png Clue scroll (elite) 1 Rare Not sold
Wyvern visage.png Wyvern visage 1 Very rare (1/10,000) 17,325,532

Rare drop table

In addition to the drops above, this monster has access to the standard rare drop table.

Show/hide rare drop table
Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 1000.png Coins 3,000 Rare Not sold
Loop half of key.png Loop half of key 1 Rare 10,307
Tooth half of key.png Tooth half of key 1 Rare 10,840
Uncut sapphire.png Uncut sapphire 1 Rare 455
Runite bar.png Runite bar 1 Rare 12,368
Rare drop table talisman.png Unknown talisman
(please specify)
1 Very rare Error
Nature rune.png Nature rune 67 Very rare 14,539
Rune 2h sword.png Rune 2h sword 1 Very rare 37,758
Rune battleaxe.png Rune battleaxe 1 Very rare 24,487
Uncut emerald.png Uncut emerald 1 Very rare 679
Law rune.png Law rune 45 Very rare 7,470
Death rune.png Death rune 45 Very rare 9,135
Steel arrow.png Steel arrow 150 Very rare 4,800
Rune arrow.png Rune arrow 42 Very rare 2,940
Adamant javelin.png Adamant javelin 20 Very rare 1,220
Rune sq shield.png Rune sq shield 1 Very rare 22,459
Dragonstone.png Dragonstone 1 Very rare 11,932
Silver ore.png Silver ore 100 (noted) Very rare 7,000
Uncut ruby.png Uncut ruby 1 Very rare 1,249
Rune kiteshield.png Rune kiteshield 1 Very rare 32,015
Dragon med helm.png Dragon med helm 1 Very rare 58,488
Rune spear.png Rune spear 1 Very rare 11,933
Shield left half.png Shield left half 1 Very rare 65,697
Dragon spear.png Dragon spear 1 Very rare 37,226
Uncut diamond.png Uncut diamond 1 Very rare 2,627
Rune javelin.png Rune javelin 5 Very rare 875


  • They appear to use all attack styles when using melee, depending on the animation they use: slashing when they use their talons, stabbing when they jab with their tail and crushing when they bite the target.
  • Originally, ancient wyverns had a significantly worse drop table. After player feedback, it was improved in an update the next day.
  • Upon release, the wyvern's Defence level was 220. This was reduced to 150 in an update on 18 January 2018. This also changed its combat level from 227 to 210.
  • Upon release, Ancient Wyverns only dropped a maximum of 12 seaweed spores. This was increased to 24 in an update on 12 July 2018.