Ancient statuette detail

Ancient artefacts are items dropped by revenants in the Revenant Caves. These can be exchanged for large quantities of coins by speaking to the Emblem Trader wandering around the caves.

Exchanging artefacts

The artefacts can only be given to the Emblem Trader in the Revenant Caves; it cannot be exchanged in Edgeville. In addition, players must exchange the artefacts on the official Bounty Hunter world.

Players will always lose an artefact if they are killed, even if they are the only item in the player's inventory.

When exchanging artefacts, it is highly recommended to bring teleport items that allow teleportation up to level 30 Wilderness, such as dragonstone jewellery and the royal seed pod. This is because being in the Wilderness on the Bounty Hunter world informs the player's target of the wealth they carry and the Wilderness level they are in - they may then use the Teleport to Bounty Target spell to quickly reach the player as a result.

If players are unwilling to risk selling the artefacts on the Bounty Hunter world to the Emblem Trader, they may alternatively sell it on the Grand Exchange, or cast Low or High Level Alchemy on the artefacts. This gives coins equal to 40% and 60% of the trade-in value, respectively.

List of artefacts

Artefact Coins given GE Price
Ancient emblem Emblem 500,000 495,783
Ancient totem Totem 1,000,000 991,838
Ancient statuette Statuette 2,000,000 1,981,628
Ancient medallion Medallion 4,000,000 3,975,447
Ancient effigy Effigy 8,000,000 7,968,010
Ancient relic Relic 16,000,000 15,968,828


  • On release, artefacts were protected on death. This was changed so that it is always lost on death in an update on 1 March 2018.

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