Animated Black Armour is a foe that is encountered at the Warriors' Guild. To summon one, players must use a Black platebody, Black platelegs and a Black full helm on the Magical Animator. The Black animated armour is commonly used to farm tokens by lower levelled players, as it's one of the weakest variations of animated armour. If you are a high level with access to decent equipment, fighting Rune would be a quicker alternative to earn tokens.

Like the Mithril variant, it is still advised to bring some food along despite the armour being easy to defeat. The player will always have all of their Black armour parts returned to them when it is defeated. This is the lowest level armour that always retains its parts; Steel, Iron, and Bronze will occasionally lose pieces. Just like all the others, you cannot use magic or ranged to kill the armour.

When you place the armour on the Magical Animator this text appears:

You place your armour on the platform where it disappears....

The animator hums, something appears to be working. You stand back...


The Animated Black Armour is weak to crush attacks, much like the other variants. However, it is weak enough that you can easily use your preferred weapon without much resistance; the fact remains that exploiting its weakness will always yield better results. A Leaf-bladed battleaxe or the Saradomin sword on crush style would be two of the best options, as they both have high crush accuracy and strength.

A player safely attacking Animated Rune.

If for some reason you need to safe-spot the Black armour, you can do so with a halberd. After the armour spawns, run to the spot shown in the image to the left. The Animated Armour will be trapped next to the platform, allowing you to attack it without taking any damage.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Warrior guild token 5.png Warrior guild token 20 Always Not sold


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Black full helm.png Black full helm 1 Always 508
Black platebody.png Black platebody 1 Always 3,696
Black platelegs.png Black platelegs 1 Always 1,298

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