Animated Iron Armour is a player-created foe that is encountered at the Warriors' Guild. To summon one, players must place an Iron platebody, Iron platelegs and an Iron full helm on the Magical Animator. Like the Steel and Bronze animated armour, Iron isn't commonly used for two main reasons: pieces will occasionally be lost, and higher variants yield better tokens per hour.

If players do decide to fight the Iron armour for whatever reason, it is suggested to carry a few extra armour pieces to replace the ones that get destroyed. If possible, players should fight animated armour made of black metal or higher instead, due to the fact that they will not lose any parts. High level players are strongly advised to fight Rune, or Adamant animations as they are the quickest method for earning tokens.

When you place the armour on the Magical Animator this text appears:

You place your armour on the platform where it disappears....

The animator hums, something appears to be working. You stand back...

When you lose a piece of armour you recieve this text:

A piece of the armour crumbles to dust.


The Animated Iron Armour is weak to crush attacks, like all the other variants. However, it is weak enough that you can easily use your preferred weapon without much resistance. The fact remains that exploiting a weakness will always yield better results, though. A Leaf-bladed battleaxe or the Saradomin sword on crush style would be two of the best options, as they both have high crush accuracy and strength.

A player safely attacking Animated Rune.

If for some reason you need to safe-spot the Iron armour, you can do so with a halberd. After the armour spawns, run to the spot shown in the image to the left. The Animated Armour will be trapped next to the platform, allowing you to attack it without taking any damage.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Warrior guild token 5.png Warrior guild token 10 Always Not sold


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Iron full helm.png Iron full helm 1 Common 34
Iron platebody.png Iron platebody 1 Common 99
Iron platelegs.png Iron platelegs 1 Common 73

Note: you will occasionally lose armour pieces

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