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{{otheruses|the teleport spell|the teleport tablet|Annakarl teleport}}
{{Infobox spell
|name = Annakarl Teleport
|image = [[File:Annakarl Teleport icon.png]]
|level = 90
|spellbook = Ancient
|type = Teleport
|exp = 100
|cost = {{RuneReq|Blood=2|Law=2}}
|anim = Ancient teleport.gif
'''Annakarl Teleport''' requires a [[Magic]] level of 90 to cast. It teleports the caster to the remains of [[Annakarl]] (the [[Demonic Ruins]]) in level 47 [[Wilderness]].
This teleport is often used for the Demonic Ruins' relative closeness to [[Callisto]] and the [[Fountain of Rune]].
As with all [[Ancient Magicks]] spells, the quest [[Desert Treasure]] must be completed to cast this spell.
''Remember, you cannot use [[Standard spells]] or [[Lunar Spells]] if you are using [[Ancient Magicks]].''
{{Spell cost table
|Rune1 = law
|Rune1num = 2
|Rune2 = blood
|Rune2num = 2
{{Ancient Magicks}}

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