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{{Infobox Item
{{Infobox Item
|image = [[File:Antifire mix (2).png]] [[File:Antifire mix (1).png]]
|image = [[File:Antifire mix (2).png]] [[File:Antifire mix (1).png]]

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An Antifire mix is a Barbarian potion that provides partial immunity to dragonfire, as well as healing 60 LP per dose. This potion can only be created after completing the Herblore portion of Barbarian training with Otto Godblessed.

It is made by using Caviar on an Antifire (2). However, when used in conjunction with an anti-dragon shield it will provide complete immunity against dragon fire for exactly 6 minutes. Players will get a warning in their chatbox 5 minutes after drinking a dose, saying: "Your resistance to dragonfire is about to run out". A minute later another message will sound after the initial warning: "Your resistance to dragonfire has run out".

With sounds on, players will hear a sound similar to the retribution prayer when it wears off. This allows you to keep track of how long you have until you have to drink again.

When combined with the anti-dragon shield players will be completely immune to dragonfire (for 6 minutes).


File:Antifire mix (2).png Antifire mix (2)
Herblore icon Coins 25 High Level Alchemy icon -
53 XP 59 118 -
Herblore Herblore level 75
Quest point icon Learn the barbarian way of mixing potions.
File:Antifire (2).png Antifire (2) 1
Caviar Caviar 1

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Angry barbarian spirit 166 2 3; Uncommon
Berserk barbarian spirit 166 2 3; Uncommon
Enraged barbarian spirit 166 2 3; Uncommon
Ferocious barbarian spirit 166 2 3; Uncommon

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