An anvil is used to smith items through the Smithing skill. An anvil can be used to smith items by using a bar on an anvil while the player has a hammer in their inventory, and then a selection screen will come up.

There are several anvils located around Gielinor which are identified with an anvil Anvil icon icon on the minimap and world map. Remember to take a hammer or the walk will be wasted.

The most convenient anvil may be that in Varrock, since it is directly opposite a bank and close to the Grand Exchange. The Rellekka anvil is the closest to a furnace.

There is no competition for anvils (since multiple players can use an anvil concurrently).

There are several unusual anvils in RuneScape. Included among these are the experimental anvil that players use in The Tourist Trap to help make a prototype dart and the barbarian anvil in Otto's Grotto, used to smith spears and hastae.

As of 23 April 2015, you can now simply left-click an anvil to smith bars.


Anvil location Notes
Western Varrock Closest to bank; players can buy from smiths.
Central Varrock Two anvils in Horvik's shop.
Eastern Varrock Two anvils just south of the bank on the west side.
Falador In Doric's hut to the north, a fair walk away, and you must have completed Doric's Quest to use them.
Dwarven Mine Two anvils that may be helpful if you are a Superheat Item smelter, or by entering the South entrance from Falador, and the furnace there.
Mudskipper Point South of Port Sarim, though there is little reason to smith here. Close to a fairy ring (aiq).
Draynor Village In the sewer dungeon, where zombies and skeletons lurk.
Wilderness In the Western Ruins, at level 23 Wilderness. May be useful to smith bars made at Eastern Ruins furnace and make room for some more ores from the Bandit Camp Mine.
Members only
Barbarian Village In the southwesternmost house. This is rarely used for smithing as the Varrock west anvil is much closer to the bank. However, it should also be noted that this is a barbarian anvil, which means it can be used to smith hastae and spears only.
Keldagrim Several anvils in Keldagrim: one by the bank, one by the general store, and three by the Blast Furnace.
Seers' Village West of the bank.
Yanille Just south of the bank; also near the Wizards' Guild.
Wilderness West of the Mage Arena.
Hemenster West of the Ranging Guild.
Nardah In the platelegs shop.
Port Khazard Just west of the Fishing Trawler minigame.
Jatizso North of the platebody shop. Requires The Fremennik Trials.
Miscellania Next to the coal mine.
Karamja North of Tai Bwo Wannai.
Void Knights' Outpost West of the bank.
West Ardougne Along the north wall.
Burthorpe In the northeast corner.
Rellekka In the southwest corner there are 3. Closest anvil to a furnace in all of RuneScape.
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