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Ape Atoll is an island in southern Gielinor. It is inhabited by only monkeys, who are ruled over by King Awowogei. It is only accessible to players who have partially or fully completed the Monkey Madness quest. Players who have not taken the form of a monkey using a greegree will find that all non-player characters will be aggressive, regardless of the player's combat level. It should also be noted that some monsters are poisonous and can do high damage.


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There is a Teleport to Ape Atoll spell which can be used after completing the Awowogei section of Recipe for Disaster.

Island Features


You are thrown in prison as a part of the Monkey Madness quest. Avoid the guards at all costs: they will beat you back in your cell and foil your attempt to escape. The prison is also home to several laid-back gnomes.

The Temple

Located at the north-east corner of the city, the temple is home to several Monkey Guards. The temple is a very popular training area, as there is a prayer altar inside. Players can use the Protect from Melee prayer to avoid damage, and battle the Monkey Guards indefinitely. Monkey Guards will beat their chests to regain hitpoints, making the temple an effective long-term training ground. Up the stairs near the altar is Hafuba.


The marketplace is home to several notable features. Chief amongst these is the Scimitar stall, currently the only known source of Dragon scimitars. Other (thievable) stalls include the magic and banana stalls.

Agility Course

The Ape atoll features the second best training ground for high level agility training, behind the Dorgesh-Kaan course. At lower agility levels, the failure rate on obstacles makes efficient training infeasible. A special monkey outfit is required for accessing the course.

Hardwood Trees

Ape atoll also features a decent supply of hardwood trees. Just outside the main gate there are mahogany trees. At the south east part of the island there are three teak trees. The mahogany tree is reasonably close to the Ape Atoll teleport, the teak trees are not that conveniently located.

Ranged Training

The NPC's in the multicombat dungeon are a great place to use Red Chinchompas for some extremely fast ranged training. The monsters are aggressive and roam around in a multiplayer area, so a single projectile can hit multiple targets with substantial overall damage and the corresponding high ranged experience rates.

Music Unlocked

  • Anywhere - Gate to Marim
  • Monkey Madness - Northern part of the island
  • Island Life - Southern part of the island


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