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"Library" redirects here. For the one found in Varrock, see Varrock Library. However, for the one in Keldagrim, see Keldagrim Library.

The Great Library as seen on the world map.

A player on the top floor of the library.

The Library of House Arceuus is a large library in Link to Great Kourend Great Kourend, overseen by Chat head image of Logosia, File:Logosia chathead.png Logosia, in which players may gain Link to Great Kourend#Favour system favour with the Arceuus House by helping NPCs in the lobby look for certain texts. Giving an NPC the correct text will result in 2.5% favour with the Arceuus House and a Item image of %7B%7B%3Abook+of+arcane+knowledge%7D%7D, File:book of arcane knowledge.png book of arcane knowledge. Also, if players have 60% favour, then they can get more favour by using Link to Arceuus spellbook#Reanimation spells reanimate spells. Depending on what spell used, they will get more favour.

Once players reach at least 20% favour, they may speak to Chat head image of Horphis, File:Horphis chathead.png Horphis, who seeks Item image of %7B%7B%3Adark+manuscript%7D%7D, File:dark manuscript.png dark manuscripts. Each dark manuscript given will give players 5% favour with the Arceuus House and a book of arcane knowledge.

The location of the manuscripts vary between players, but the locations of books only vary between worlds and reset after 80-100 minutes. Players should speak to Chat head image of Biblia, File:Biblia chathead.png Biblia on the top floor for help in finding various texts around the library, as she tells you the floor level and the section of the floor where a requested book is located.

In addition, players interested in the lores and history of Great Kourend may visit the Link to Library Historical Archive Library Historical Archive, accessible by speaking to Chat head image of Archeio, File:Archeio chathead.png Archeio on the ground floor.


It is recommended to have light-weight/Link to weight-reducing clothing weight-reducing clothing such as the Graceful hood chathead.png graceful outfit, or multiple Stamina potion(1).png stamina potions. It is highly recommended that players speak to Chat head image of Biblia, File:Biblia chathead.png Biblia on the top floor to be told which room the requested book is located. The official world for group Kourend activity is World 10. Sharing book locations with other players is also recommended.

You may collect books other than those currently being requested to be more quickly prepared for future requests. If you bank your books to the south of the library, you may get more copies of those books from the same locations. The drop trick does not work. After you give a book to a customer, it is recommended to return to the same location and get another copy of the book, in case it is requested again. If you choose not to do this, however, and the same book is requested before the location change, the book will still be found at the same location. Around every 80-100 minutes, all of the locations of books and manuscripts change.

The quickest way to gain favour and experience is to coordinate with other players on finding books by sharing locations and collecting even the books you do not yet need. Players who do not want help from other players should go to a world with few players to increase the time between location resets, and take note of the locations of books. With few players online, the locations may stay the same for over an hour. If you wish neither to share book locations with other players nor to write down/memorise book locations, it is faster to search for dark manuscripts after 20% favour. However, manuscripts are more difficult to coordinate upon.

After reaching 20% favour, player can start helping Chat head image of Horphis, File:Horphis chathead.png Horphis in addition to finding books for customers. Chat head image of Horphis, File:Horphis chathead.png Horphis is a dark wizard interested in finding Item image of %7B%7B%3Adark+manuscript%7D%7D, File:dark manuscript.png dark manuscripts. However, unlike books, you may only find the dark manuscript assigned to you, and you cannot run into any unless you speak to him. Once you are asked to find manuscripts, Biblia will tell you which room to search. There may be multiple manuscript locations in one room, so just because someone else finds a manuscript location in your room, you might not be able to get one from the same shelf, but it is likely.

List of texts in the Arceuus House Library

Image Title Also known as Author
Byrne's coronation speech.png Byrne's coronation speech Speech of King Byrne I
Eathram & rada extract.png Eathram & rada extract An extract from Eathram & Rada Anonymous
Hosidius letter.png Hosidius letter A letter from Lord Hosidius to the Council of Elders Lord Hosidius IV
Ideology of darkness.png Ideology of darkness The Ideology of Darkness Philophaire
Killing of a king.png Killing of a king Killing of a King Griselle
Rada's census.png Rada's census Census of King Rada III Matthias Vorseth
Rada's journey.png Rada's journey The Journey of Rada Griselle
Ricktor's diary (7).png Ricktor's diary (7) Diary of Steklan Ricktor, volume 7 Steklan Ricktor
Soul journey.png Soul journey The Journey of Souls Aretha
Transportation incantations.png Transportation incantations Transportation Incantations Amon Ducot
Transvergence theory.png Transvergence theory The Theory of Transvergence Amon Ducot
Treachery of royalty.png Treachery of royalty The Treachery of Royalty Professor Answith
Tristessa's tragedy.png Tristessa's tragedy The Tragedy of Tristessa
Twill accord.png Twill accord The Royal Accord of Twill
Varlamore envoy.png Varlamore envoy The Envoy to Varlamore Deryk Paulson
Wintertodt parable.png Wintertodt parable The Parable of the Wintertodt Anonymous


  • On the day of release, the experience reward for Item image of %7B%7B%3ABook+of+arcane+knowledge%7D%7D, File:Book of arcane knowledge.png books of arcane knowledge was significantly nerfed because the sheer number of people searching for books made helping and location-calling extremely easy, and helping customers granted exceptional Link to Runecrafting Runecrafting experience.
  • On the day of release, Item image of %7B%7B%3Amithril+seeds%7D%7D, File:mithril seeds.png mithril seeds were used to mark the locations of books, but this became less effective as crowds thinned out over time.