Entomologist's diary detail

The Archaeologist's diary is found by searching Charles Charlington in a small, closed off area in the Tar Swamp.

To reach him, players must use breadcrumbs on the bellshroom found south-west of the Magic Mushtree.


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Day 19

Lost. Swamp. Eating away at everything I've ever known. Everyone I've ever loved. It's fine though, isn't it? Everything is fine. Skely over there is keeping me company. Day in. Day out. Never leaving my side.

Day 23

Skely is angry with me, I don't know why. I snapped at him earlier; for what, I don't remember. My mind is slowly deteriating[sic]. This swamp is evil, I just want it to stop. To be over. Please someone find me...

Day 35

A month its been. Yes, over a month it has, wandering my new home with new friends and creatures and mushrooms and vines and plants and oooh Skely. Yes Skely is back, I like Skely. I'm friends with Skely again. He doesn't do things anymore though ever since the backstabbing but we don't talk about that. No we don't. No more death from above, no no no, that scares me.

Day 39

I've found bread! Why bread? Why bread crumbs? I've tried to speak to Bell but she just ignores me. One time she tried to eat me... I think that's how I'm here... I can't remember. Skely is doing well. He says we can go somewhere new later, that's exciting! Yes, very exciting!

Day 47

Where's Skely?

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