"Fur stall" redirects here. For the fur stalls in Rellekka, see Fremennik Fur Trader.

The Ardougne Fur Stall is a stall in the south-eastern part of the East Ardougne marketplace. It is run by the fur trader.

The stall sells bear fur and grey wolf fur. They will buy and sell polar kebbit fur, common kebbit fur, feldip weasel fur, desert devil fur, tatty larupia fur, larupia fur, tatty graahk fur, graahk fur, tatty kyatt fur and kyatt fur from the player stock, but do not normally carry them.

Players with 35 Thieving or higher may attempt to steal from this stall, and will receive a grey wolf fur and 36 experience if successful. The respawn time is about 10 seconds.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Bear fur Bear fur 3 12 28
Grey wolf fur Grey wolf fur 3 60 22
Polar kebbit fur Polar kebbit fur 0 12 13 330
Common kebbit fur Common kebbit fur 0 14 14 1,169
Feldip weasel fur Feldip weasel fur 0 16 16 12
Desert devil fur Desert devil fur 0 20 20 1,014
Tatty larupia fur Tatty larupia fur 0 72 61 383
Larupia fur Larupia fur 0 96 81 718
Tatty graahk fur Tatty graahk fur 0 108 91 591
Graahk fur Graahk fur 0 144 122 891
Tatty kyatt fur Tatty kyatt fur 0 144 144 426
Kyatt fur Kyatt fur 0 192 192 1,685

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