Ardougne Silver Stall is located in the East Ardougne Marketplace. Players with level 50 or higher Thieving may attempt to steal from the stall. If they are successful, they will receive 54 Thieving experience and one silver ore. The stall can only be stolen from once every 20 seconds. Erin, the silver merchant, will not allow anyone who has stolen something in the last 30 minutes from the stall to purchase anything from the shop. If they were only caught while attempting to steal something, however, they may still access the shop.

Next to the shop is a sign announcing that the knights and paladins are keeping a watchful eye on things, mainly by noting how many items are being stolen from the bakers' stalls. Therefore, being caught stealing from this particular stall may result in one of the higher levelled guards, a knight or paladin, attack you. Lower levelled players should take caution when doing so when food is not on hand. Running away 15 squares from the guards will make then stop attacking you. Once you get caught stealing again, just run away and come back. 


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Unstrung symbol.png Unstrung symbol 2 200 66 98
Silver ore.png Silver ore 1 75 25 70
Silver bar.png Silver bar 1 150 50 103

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