Aretha chathead

Aretha is a corporeal spirit located near the soul altar.

To find Aretha, simply travel to Zeah via the southernmost port of Port Sarim, then run north to the Dark Altar via Arceuus House, lastly, run north-east then east of the Dark Altar to get to the Soul altar. This can be done from level 3.

Players who speak to her will learn that the river contains the souls of the dead of Great Kourend, and that they are guarded by Cerberus.

She is the author of the soul journey, a book required to start the Bear your Soul miniquest.

Treasure Trails

Aretha is the solution to the medium anagram clue: A HEART. The answer to her challenge is 2.


  • Aretha's name and examine text refer to African-American soul musician Aretha Franklin.[1]


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