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Arhein chathead.png

Arhein runs Arhein's Store in Catherby, on a pier just south of the bank, near the charter ship. He also plays a small part in the Merlin's Crystal and the One Small Favour quests.

Arhein owns a ship on the pier, which he uses to deliver candles to Keep Le Faye, a fortress to the south. He does not allow players to ride his ship, although it is possible to sneak aboard it to get to Keep Le Faye by hiding in a crate near the candle shop in Catherby, which is used by the player during Merlin's Crystal.

During One Small Favour a player must get some special type of rope known as T.R.A.S.H from him to give to Captain Bleemadge after the player has finished his favour to him of asking the seer Phantuwti Fanstuwi Farsight for a weather report fearing his new shipment might get ruined.

A player might also receive an easy clue scroll asking to talk to Arhein in Catherby.

Arhein sells pickaxes, an item most other general stores do not have.