For a full list of items and their stats worn in the body slot, see this table.

Prayer armour is used to slow the rate at which Prayer points drain when praying. Unlike the other three general categories of armour, there are few items within it that can be considered uniquely Prayer-related. Many shields, magic robes, and types of metal armour can also be considered Prayer armour.

Prayer item sets

Defence icon
Prayer icon
Armour Name Other skills/
1 1 Priest gown (top) Priest gown 10 coins
1 1 Monk's robe top Monk's robes 31 Prayer icon (to access the Monastery for free robes)
1 1 Shade robe top Shade robes None
1 1 Zamorak monk top Zamorak robes None
1 1 Druid's robe top

Druid robes

1 1 Ring of the gods Ring of the gods None
1 1 Book of balance God book Horror from the Deep
10 1 White full helm White armour Wanted!
40 1 Guthix coif Blessed d'hide armour 70 Ranged icon
70 1 Verac's helm Verac's armour 70 Defence
20 10 Initiate sallet Initiate armour Recruitment Drive
30 20 Proselyte sallet Proselyte armour Slug Menace
1 20 Guthix robe top Vestment robe None
1 40 Guthix mitre Mitre 40 Magic icon
1 40 Guthix cloak Vestment cloak None
1 60 Guthix stole Stole None
1 60 Guthix crozier Crozier None
45 55 Spirit shield Spirit shield None
70 60 Blessed spirit shield Blessed spirit shield None
75 70 Arcane spirit shield Arcane spirit shield 65 Magic icon
75 70 Spectral spirit shield Spectral spirit shield 65 Magic icon
75 75 Elysian spirit shield Elysian spirit shield None
1 99 Prayer cape (t) Trimmed skillcape Level 99 in two or more skills

Prayer equipment

Prayer robes

Priest, Monk, Shade, Zamorak, Druid

Priest gowns and Zamorak robes give the lowest Prayer bonus, while Druid robes give a slightly higher bonus. Monk's robes give the highest Prayer bonus in Free-to-play. Monk's robes are very popular when Player killing. Prayer robes are not used often in minigames (nor are they recommended to be used in them). The wearer may find themselves often coming under attack from different attack styles in a multi-combat area and, being able to use only one protection prayer at a time, this basically ensures a swift death (i.e. a player with monk's robes using Protect from Melee against a warrior coming under fire by a ranger, and being unable to protect from both).

God books

Holy book
Book of balance
Unholy book

Holy (Saradomin), Balance (Guthix), Unholy (Zamorak)

The God books are often used when using Prayer. These are obtained by completing the Horror from the Deep quest. They then must be completed by adding God pages obtained from Treasure Trails or by trading other players. The incomplete books give a Prayer bonus, while the completed ones give a bonus to all Defences (Holy book), to all Attacks (Unholy book) and equally to both Attacks and Defences (Book of balance).

Temple Knight armour

Initiate sallet
Proselyte sallet

Initiate, Proselyte

Recruitment Drive quest and Proselyte armour is earned by completing Slug Menace quest. Initiate armour has the same statistics as its Mithril armour, Proselyte armour has the same statistics as its Adamant armour counterparts, with an even larger Prayer bonus. The Proselyte hauberk and cuisse/tasset give the highest Prayer bonus available for the torso and leg armours respectively.

Vestment robes

Saradomin cloak
Guthix cloak
Zamorak cloak

Saradomin, Guthix, Zamorak,
Mitre (Hat), Robe top, Robe bottom, Cloak, Stole (Amulet), Crozier (Weapon)

The Vestment robe sets are in many pieces. Mitres give the highest Prayer bonus for any headgear and stoles give the second highest Prayer bonus of any amulet, only preceeded by the Dragonbone necklace. Vestment robe tops and bottoms give a small Prayer bonus, less than Monk's robes, but many players wear them to look good or to show support for a God. The crozier is not often used, as players prefer to use another weapon or staff. Vestments can be obtained from Treasure Trails, or by trading with another player.

Verac's armour

Verac's brassard

Helmet, Brassard, Plateskirt, Flail

Verac's armour set is a high-level Melee armour that gives a Prayer bonus. It gives the same bonuses as Initiate armour, except for Verac's plateskirt, which gives slightly less. When all of Verac's set is worn (including Verac's flail), the player has a chance of hitting through protection prayers via its special, Defiler. The set effect coupled with the Prayer bonus makes this armour very popular when fighting the Kalphite Queen and in PvP. Verac's armour is obtained from the Barrows minigame or by trading with another player. Like other Barrows armour, Verac's armour has to be repaired after 15 hours of Combat. Coupled with an Amulet of the damned, Verac's set offers the best Prayer bonuses in the game surpassing Proselyte.

Best F2P Prayer armour setup

Bandos full helm
Orange cape
Holy symbol
Ammo slot
Rune mace
Monk's robe top
Bandos kiteshield
Monk's robe
Green d'hide vamb
Fighting boots
Ring slot
Best F2P Prayer Setup


  • There are no boots, ring or glove armour pieces that gives increased prayer stats. The best you can get are Green d'hide vamb, Fancy boots or Fighting boots, and an Ancient Cloak for +3 prayer.
  • You will have to set up a 2-step verification for your account to obtain fancy boots or fighting boots from the Stronghold of Security; however, you can disable this after you obtain the boots. Remember if you lose your boots and disabled 2-step verification that you will need to re-enable the verification in order to get them back.
  • Fancy boots and fighting boots have the same stats.
  • All F2P rune god armours give +1 prayer bonus per piece.
  • All regular capes are preferred over team capes due to the fact that capes weigh 0 kg while team capes weigh approximately 0.4 kg

Best P2P Prayer armour setup

The optimal setup for Prayer is Proselyte armour set(+14) without the sallet, a mitre(+5), a dragonbone necklace(+12), a God blessing(+1), Ardougne cloak 4(+6), Void knight mace(+6), a God book(+5), devout boots(+5), Holy wraps(+3), and Ring of the gods (i)(+8). This setup results in a +63 Prayer bonus.

Armadyl mitre
Ardougne cloak 4
Dragonbone necklace
Honourable blessing
Void knight mace
Proselyte hauberk
Book of law
Proselyte cuisse
Holy wraps
Devout boots
Ring of the gods (i)
Best P2P Prayer Setup

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