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* [[Penance armour]]
* [[Penance armour]]
* [[Dragon equipment|Dragon armour]]
* [[Dragon equipment|Dragon armour]]
* [[Bandos armour|Bandos Armour]]
* [[Third-age armour]]
* [[Third-age armour]]
* [[Barrows equipment|Barrows armour]]
* [[Barrows equipment|Barrows armour]]

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Armour describes any item worn to provide defence. Wearing armour will reduce the chance of an enemy dealing damage towards you. Each armour has its own stats and some even have special effects when worn.

Combat Triangle

The combat triangle works in a way to make one fighting style weak or strong to another.

  • Melee fighters are strong against Rangers because leather is easily cut into with a melee weapon. Melee armour is also strong at protecting against ranged attacks, as arrows and bolts cannot easily penetrate metal plate armour.
  • Rangers are strong against Magic users because of their ranged abilities, and how easily they penetrate cloth robes. Ranged armour is crafted from animal and dragon hides, and is resistant to magical attacks.
  • Magic users are strong against Melee fighters because Melee armour amplifies magical attacks(like electricity on metal). Mages are also ranged, similar to Rangers. They are able to use binding and ice spells to hold Melee fighters and prevent them from moving.

This doesn't necessarily mean that just because you're melee and you're fighting a ranger you'll automatically win, it's just the way armour, weapons, and spells were structured to keep any one style from being the most powerful.

Types of Armour

There are a wide range of the types of armour, most of which can be made using metal bars, such as iron. Players can also craft armour from various types of dragon, soft and hard leather.

Melee Armour

Melee armour makes use of the Attack, Strength and Defence skills, and is generally made out of some form of metal.

Ranged Armour

Ranged armour makes use of the Ranged and Defence skills, and is generally made out of some form of leather.

Magic Armour

Main article: Armour/Magic armour

Magic armour isn't really "armour", it's more along the lines of magical clothes. It makes use of Magic and Defence skills, and is generally made out of some form of cloth.

Hybrid Armour

This is armour that benefits all three combat styles, although sacrificing defensive power.

Prayer Armour

This armour, although generally weak defensively, has high prayer bonuses needed to slow the drain of prayer points.

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