Rune arrow detail

Arrows are ammunition used by bows, weapons used in ranged combat. They can be created by members through Fletching, by fletching arrow shafts out of normal logs, and attaching feathers and metal arrowheads to them. Arrows can only be fired from bows that are strong enough to use them. Arrow stealing is quite common, and can be a nuisance to some rangers, although this can be mitigated by using Ava's devices.

Arrows can be bought from archery shops owned by NPCs in Varrock (Lowe's Archery Emporium), Rimmington, Catherby (Hickton's Archery Emporium), and the Ranging Guild (Level 40 Ranged).

There is a 20% chance arrows will be lost when shot. If you wear the Ava's devices, the arrows you keep will be added to the Ammunition slot automatically, instead of being dropped on the ground.

Free-to-play arrows

Arrow type Bow type Ranged icon Ranged Strength icon
Training arrows 5 TrainingTraining bow1 +7
Bronze arrow 5 BronzeAll except Training bow1 +7
Iron arrow 5 IronAll except Training bow1 +10
Steel arrow 5 SteelOak or stronger5 +16
Mithril arrow 5 MithrilWillow or stronger20 +22
Adamant arrow 5 AdamantMaple or stronger30 +31

Members arrows

Arrow type Bow type Ranged icon Ranged Strength icon
Ogre arrow 5 OgreOgre bow or Comp ogre bow30 +22
Ice arrows 5 IceYew or stronger40 +16
Rune arrow 5 RuneYew or stronger40 +49
Broad arrow 5 BroadMagic or stronger50 +28
Amethyst arrow 5 AmethystMagic or stronger50 +55
Dragon arrow 5 DragonDark bow, Twisted bow, 3rd age bow60 +60
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