Arrowtips are a Members-only item, and are used to make arrows. The Smithing level needed to make the arrowtips from their respective metal bars is shown below, along with the Fletching level needed to attach them to headless arrows to finish the process.

Smithing a set of arrowtips uses 1 bar of the desired metal, and will make 15 arrowtips per bar. To make arrows, these tips need to be combined with headless arrows.

As with all Dragon equipment, dragon arrowtips cannot be created via Smithing - rather, they are looted from Dragon implings or the King Black Dragon. Once the arrowtips have been acquired, however, they can be attached to headless arrows as with any other arrowtip.

ImageMetalSmithing LevelSmithing ExperienceFletching levelFletching Experience (per 15 arrows made)
Bronze arrowtipsBronze512.5120
Iron arrowtipsIron20251537.5
Steel arrowtipsSteel3537.53075
Mithril arrowtips 5Mithril555045112.5
Adamant arrowtipsAdamant7562.560150
Rune arrowtipsRune907575187.5
Amethyst arrowtipsAmethystN/AN/A82202.5
Dragon arrowtips 5DragonN/AN/A90225
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