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Asgoldian ale detail.png

An asgoldian ale is a quest item that players make as part of Recipe for Disaster. Players make this item by adding a single coin to an Asgarnian ale. Note: You must first learn the recipe from Emily in the Rising Sun Inn located in Falador after starting the Dwarf Subquest in Recipe for Disaster.

Although it looks like a drink, it is not fit for human consumption. If players attempt to drink it, they will receive the message: "I don't think I'd like gold in beer thanks. Leave it for the dwarves."


  • If a player tries to give the ale to Austri, he will say "Aach! I don't want that."
  • Even though adding the coin brings up the message "You drop the coin into the ale and watch it dissolve," the examine text mentions a coin at the bottom of the ale, suggesting that it does not dissolve completely.
  • As a non-member it is possible to ask how to make an Asgoldian Ale, but it's impossible to make it until after reaching the appropriate step in Recipe for Disaster.