Aslief is a dead NPC. Her spirit may be heard on a small island during the Mountain Daughter quest where the player must find her. She helps her tribe by telling the player what needs to be done to keep them alive. She tells the player to:

  1. Get the Mountain Camp to make peace with Rellekka
  2. Find a new source of food for the tribe
  3. Find her corpse so the tribe may move on.

During the quest the player finds her corpse in a cave. She was killed 14 years ago by the Kendal.


  • The name "Asleif" is in fact a male name, composed of the prefix As- and the quite common Scandinavian name Leif. Asleif as a given name is rather rare in all Scandinavian countries.
  • Hamalsdotter means "daughter of Hamal" or "Hamal's daughter".

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