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Astral runes are runes used in all Lunar Spells. Astral runes require level 40 Runecrafting to craft. They may be crafted by using pure essence at the Astral altar on Lunar Isle after the completion of Lunar Diplomacy. 8.7 Runecrafting experience is gained per essence crafted, and at level 82 Runecrafting players can craft two astral runes per pure essence.

Astral runes may not be crafted via the Abyss. There is no talisman needed to access the astral altar; the astral altar, along with the Blood and Soul altars, are the only Runecrafting altars that do not have a talisman associated with them. However, the Blood and Soul Runecrafting altars can be reached through the Abyss, unlike the Astral altar.

Astral runes may also be purchased at Baba Yaga's Magic Shop, located north of the bank on Lunar Isle. The shop stocks 250 astral runes and is located in a moving house with bird legs on it, walking east and west. Players must have a Seal of passage with them when attempting to trade with Baba Yaga or they'll be thrown off the island.

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Spiritual mage 120–123 15 3; Uncommon