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Auguste is a monk of the Holy Order of Entrana. He has lived on the island his entire life, learning the ways of Saradomin and leading a peaceful life. However, Auguste's desire for a more exciting life has finally convinced him to seek something more. He can be found on the western coast of the southern half of the island.

Auguste has the honour of being the inventor of the first hot-air balloon, and convinces players to help him in this quest to fly around RuneScape in the quest Enlightened Journey. Once the quest is completed, players have the ability - with the required Firemaking levels - to use the Balloon transport system to various towns and places.

Also, if players have a bomber cap and gnome goggles with them, Auguste will sew them together free of charge.


  • His name and occupation are a reference to Auguste Piccard, who was a Swiss balloonist.
  • His appearance and character are also a reference to Jean-Luc Picard, a Star Trek character who, strangely, was based on Auguste Piccard. On his collar Auguste has only three gold studs, unlike Jean-Luc Picard, who has four gold studs marking his captain rank.
  • He was the original "test dummy" for the updated chatbox faces before the graphics update. Players who completed the quest when it was first released may remember this.
  • Auguste says "----, it's been a privilege flying with you." which is a possible reference to what some commercial pilots say at the end of a flight.

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