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{{Infobox non-player character
|name = Austri
|image = [[File:Austri.png|120px]]
|release = 28 May [[2002]]
|update = Latest RuneScape News (28 May 2002)
|members = Yes
|quest = [[Fishing Contest]]
|location = [[Taverley]]
|shop = No
|examine = He looks short and grumpy.
|gender = Male
|race = [[Dwarves|Dwarf]]
|map =
[[File:Austri chathead.png|left]]
'''Austri''' is one of the two [[dwarves]] one can start the [[Fishing Contest]] [[quest]] with, along with [[Vestri]]. He guards the [[dwarven tunnel|passage]] under [[White Wolf Mountain]]. His name is based on the word 'east' since he is on the eastern side of the White Wolf Mountain passage.
*Austri and his brother Vestri are named after the [[Wikipedia:Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri|dwarves in Norse mythology]] that held up the sky.
[[Category:Fishing Contest]]

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